Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dreading Monday teaching in the 'hood. Here is one of many reasons:


talking to another teacher
just outside my classroom
with an interruptive feature
boom, boom, boom, boom

we paused and wondered
and then continued to talk
something closely plundered
just around the corner walk

it was on the news that night
a man from another division
walking his sister on the right
on a street just west of Mission

kids were streaming home
walking by the local school
some groups, some lonesome
all ethnic types were cool

a car stopped on the street
the passenger jumped out
ran behind the man with heat
and popped him real neat

just one hurt in that crime
and the shooter got away
but many more were shot in time
many more were yet to pay

our students gathered round
the fallen man and distraught
when emergency crews found
and a war was randomly wrought

I was not there, but saw the news
and prepared for student trauma
the next day as we faced the bruise
but they shrugged and continued on