Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dating Advice

Choose to date someone who thinks you're hot
over those who think they're hot and you're not.

Do you have any dating advice?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking Lucky

You'll find whatever you seek. 
Today I'm looking to be lucky.
I found many bits to peek 
and fortune sprinkled liberally.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

In honor of people that make us feel special.


enfold me splendidly singular
countermanding thine own insecure
shriek at my luxuriant chocolate locks
which was comparable to a cardboard box

personal progeny were beauties
longly lashed cultivated snooties
yet, I felt on par, clever and stylish
tho' in retrospect shabby and bookish

behold cherished auntie
not a real relation
but more like family
then those of creation

she exhausted not much more than a dime
but ad infinitum quality time
fawning and fussing a personage
acclaiming with abundant homage

she had me in a moon eyed hypnotic trance
amidst a laudatory fairy dust dance
raise the reckoning with reticence
a-stumbling askance with hesitance

behold cherished auntie
not a real relation
but more like family
then those of creation

as a memory mostly divine
inserted more than a slender line
as sundry glimmering glories she begot
my choice countenance tightened into a knot

in lieu of parody I repay
mediocrity she did allay
her physical essence hath departed
forever the spirit she imparted

Marcy Santos

Who makes you feel good about yourself?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bare Bones Foundation

I wish that I had something to share, but I'm in the foundation phase of writing a few different pieces. Notably, I am working on an hour-long dramedy for a production company contest with Will Smith as one of the judges. It's due in two weeks, so my energy is focused on that. Can you imagine working with Will Smith? The project is family based, and I've got a killer idea that I'm fleshing out. Excitement keeps me going even after a long day teaching and picking up after my own teenagers. It's all about hope. After voraciously reading for the past 30 years, I relish the process of creating my own literary/media projects. I will share bits and pieces as they emerge from my travels inward.